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Marriage System

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Marriage System Empty Marriage System

Post by Avalina on Tue Jul 13, 2010 9:53 pm

Requirements for Getting Married
A.A male and a female character, both at least Level 30. (Male&Male and Female&Female characters cannot apply to get married at present.)
B.Both must pay 60,000 Gold.
C.Both need a wedding ring.

Marriage System 194984302

Marriage System 165558439

How to Register
If both players are Level 30+, they can go to Holy Village and talk with the Priest outside of the Church to register. The Priest will then explain the steps and notices for marriage in WLO.

Marriage System 125178149

Make sure you understand the steps very clearly from the Priest beforehand. (Also, players who want to join in the wedding must register here before they can attend.)

Marriage System 239164111

After registering, the bride and groom will be teleported into the wedding chapel directly. Don't forget to invite your friends!

Marriage System 372581584

Enter the room at the end of the church, and the couple will find their wedding suits. (This room will only be available for married players or players who have applied to get married.)

1.Both the applicants must be at least Level 30.
2.60,000 Gold will be deducted from each account after the couple applies to get married.
3.The 2 applicants should be in a team together. No other players can be in the team.
4.Both applicants must have the required rings.
5.The target that players want to get married in wedding chapel should be the same one in application.

Divorce Notices
1.The couple don't need to team up, but the first applicant should prepare at least 200,000 Gold.
2.Both players must be online at the same time. When one hands in the divorce application, the other one will get a confirmation.
3. If the applicant wants to divorce without informing their significant other, then that player must have been offline for at least 30 consecutive days.

After Divorce
1.In the Marriage interface in Group mode, the couple's information will be cancelled.
2.The Sweet Door and the rings will be withdrawn.
3.If one member of the couple was not online when the applicant filed for divorce, the corresponding information will be deleted when they log in the next time.
4.Players who haven't joined in the divorce, will receive a system notice automatically.

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