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Niss's Death Quest

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Niss's Death Quest

Post by Avalina on Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:14 pm

Quest name : King Howert
Condition : Niss and Roca in team and have "star index" and "daris oracle" in inventory

Pre-quest needed to finished :
"Niss's danger"
"magic staff / niss's magical wand"
"devil pattis"
"take the high road"
"the door god's trail"
"light and dark twin god"
"strong enemy frederico"
"the promise under the sky"
"the secrete of barnya sky city"

Death quest start-->
1. Go to Ghost isle and Follow Map

2. Follow Map..u will see key hold and the it and the door will open by key
of Ghostdom...enter it u will warp to maze...enter bottom warp point

3. Follow x:1542 y:715 u will see ox-headed demon and half beast it
and u will warp to next room

4. Walk to top of map at x1142 y:475 u will see him... Niss will leave ur yes and dialog will continue...and let fight...after u won click Frederico...and Niss will die

Thanks Irenne's Blog!

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