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Qlaya's Guide

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Qlaya's Guide Empty Qlaya's Guide

Post by Avalina on Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:50 pm

Qlaya Guide
Qlaya is the second pet in maya(other one is Shasha).Qlaya is wind element and here is her skills

Qlaya's Guide Qlaya_Skill

Quest Location is in Maya(refer Shasha guide if u dont know Maya)
and to activate the quest talk to people here
Qlaya's Guide Qlaya_activate

then go to village and follow this map to quest location(click that gold plate marked as 1 to open underground stairs)
Qlaya's Guide Qlaya_Entr
Qlaya's Guide Qlaya_map

Complete the puzzle to open the door as shown here

Qlaya's Guide Qlaya_puzzle

Team of lvl 40-45+ and a water support of lvl 50-60 is recommended for this quest

Elin gun/chip is very useful here

be aware that ET use mess spell and alien laser(dont remember other skills)

First u have to beat these two monsters at the door

Qlaya's Guide Qlata_fights1

Then go inside and talk to priest to start second fight
Qlaya's Guide Qlata_fights2

After u beat priest, he change into an alien and 7 MORE ET joins him as reinforcement

(WARNING=>i have reduced the size of image, that's why u don't see other ETs, but actually in this part here are 8 aliens(ONE lvl 120 Priest HP = about 27000 and SEVEN lvl 100 ET with HP = 922)

Qlaya's Guide Qlata_fights3

After u finish the fights go back where u activated quest and get Qlaya
hope u like this
sorry about the images, but i had to do "it" for some reasons ^^

Please tell me if u have any kind of suggestions or if u find any mistakes

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