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Eva's Guide

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Eva's Guide Empty Eva's Guide

Post by Avalina on Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:04 pm

Eva Guide

Eva is of of the new pets released in version 3.0. and she is a fire mage
her strength seems less than elin so far, my lvl 1 Eva needed 3 turns to kill trill(note =>skills not maxed when tested)

Eva's Guide Eva_skills

first u need to do complete the first part of Charlotte quest , until u get the Green Key shows in Part 4 of Charlotte quest(in map4)

then with the Key u need to go Inca, and find the cave in one side of the map, then follow the map to quest location

Eva's Guide Inca_map

Eva's Guide Inca_map1

Eva's Guide Evamap
Suggested team for this quest is(lvl ranges stated as in
Hugo's Stats and Classes guide)

Level 60-79: Elite - strong guys
Level 80-99: Master - super elites

lower level players can still do the quest with the help of a good team, as always best way is u decide teams after u see the HP and lvl of monsters

One or two water Healer of 1k + HP min is recommended
Or earth support with Terrafiction is highly recommended

once u are in Inca, there's a small cave on map(circled), enter cave and just follow the map to quest location

u have to Fight with
lvl 124 Eva with 32480 HP
and 4 Mummies of different element of about lvl 87-88 and 1350 HP

these mummies swan after killed as follows(since there were lota mummies we have to fight,i forgot the details of spawns, so i also referred to lrenne guide)

mummy top /front line after killed it it will spawn 3 round
mummy top /back line after killed it it will spawn 4 round
mummy bottom /front line after killed it it will spawn 2 round
mummy bottom /back line after killed it it will spawn 3 round
mummy earth HP 5350 level 87 *skill :terrafication
mummy water HP 5350 level 88 *skill :recovery
mummy fire HP 5350 level 87 *skill :mess
mummy wind HP 5350 level 88 *skill :coma)

Eva's Guide Eva_fight

(NOTE=>the order of spawns may have a mistake, since hard to remember all, if u find some thing pls tell me)

=>Main strategy needed is to kill earth mummies as soon as possible , since they use terrafiction, which sure is a real pain xD, if u get caught in terra , try to logoff and come back again xD

=> Water mummies use HP recovery and is the least problematic,and seems all mummies at some point spawn to a water, so when its a water spawned, keep it alive and try kill another element

=> When all water mummies are left we , focused on Eva and killed her,then later we kill each water 1 by 1
(note dont kill number 2nd position water mummy, it spawns to an earth, so keep it as last one)

Fight with little details

First round we try freeze number 1 (and 2) or 3(and 4) mummy or use sleep on eva
then both fires kill top front earth
then it spawns a water, so we keep it alive
then kill bottom front earth
this spawns to a fire(they use mess)
, since mummy in this position (3) spawn 2 times kill this fire also
then kill fire in back, it spawns a water, keep it alive
next go on to wind (they use coma) in top back(2)
kill it , then i remember it spawns a water
now when all are water , time to kill EVA!!

During this time 1 water try freeze or heal or use water shield
other water keep sleeping eva

As i said before kill water mummies 1 by one , after eva is dead

If u have an earth in team u know what to do isnt it hehehehh xD use Terra!
awww....terra is such a great skill when allies use, but a real pain when enemies use xD

Hope u got an idea how to fight this, ur suggestions are most welcomed ^^ and i would love to hear strategies from u guys as well


thats a lot for the people who helped me on the quest
and thanx a lot to lrenne guide

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