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Quests for the Armlets

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Quests for the Armlets Empty Quests for the Armlets

Post by darklace on Mon Feb 22, 2010 4:11 pm

1,)Belly Chain Necklace(+50 MATK,+350 HP)- talk to the man in bar and he
will tell you of a secret passage by the grave near the holy village
church. Go there and just go straight until you find a room with the
Last Supper, Click it and a picture knife will fall. Go back to the
previous room and look for a keyhole while the picture knife is in
your inventory. This will open an elevator. go inside it and pull the
the switch..this will trigger you to another room...just go along the
path to the other exit and you will see switches ...pull the switches
in correct order and a chest will fall down click it and you will be
rewarded with a belly chain necklace.

2,)Tim's Lease(+50 ATK,+350 HP)- Must have done the First Trial Quest and
Undeserved Roca Quest, You also need a flying vehicle and roca in
your team. Head to the Entrance of Maka Cave(Don't Enter it) from the
ledge use your flying vehicle and open a door behind the mountain.
Enter the cave and activate the fight between you and La' Tim.
After Defeating him..he will form a pact with Roca and gives you a
lease..also don't forget to get the crystal skull..its needed to
get the dazzling armlet.

3,)Rock Armlet(+50 DEF,+350 HP)- Finish The Mr.Sanbo Quest in Chang-an
obtain a king's certification.Go to Zeng-he fleet and talk with
Zeng-he, Pirates will then appear and a battle will start. Defeat the
Pirates and Zeng-he will give you the rock armlet.

4,)Resistant Armlet(+50 MDEF,+350 HP)- Go to japan and activate the
Inukami Quest. Go inside the temple and look for the stair cases with
guards at them. defeat these guards to go to the next level of the
temple. After being able to reach the top center room, you will then
find out the kidnapper is a fox..defeat him and his brothers and
Inukami will appear asking for forgiveness of what the delinquent fox
did.Go back to the father of the girl and you will get a resistant

5,)Dazzling Armlet(+50 SPD,+350 HP)-Must have the crystal skull from the
La' Tim Quest and Qlaya in your team..also there is a level
requirement(probably at least 30). Go to maya and talk with the priest
,he will tell you then that the crystal skull was one of the 2 lost
crystal skulls and ask you to get the other one. Jump to the Pit
where you get Shasha and go to the exit...go to the question mark you
see and click the crystal skull. I will say it won't bulge and you
noticed something is written, Qlaya appears and reads then a skeleton
appears. Defeat the Skeletons and grab the crystal skull then go
back to the priest. The priest will give you the Dazzling Armlet


1,)All of these are only equippable to Human Pets

2,)All boost pet's HP by 350

3,)All is only obtainable once and if broken..can never be obtained again

4,)All of these are rank 17 and can be worn by any lvl of human pet

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Quests for the Armlets Empty Re: Quests for the Armlets

Post by hassan8 on Sat Aug 18, 2012 10:15 am

thx Smile


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