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Bursting Pets

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Bursting Pets Empty Bursting Pets

Post by Avalina on Fri Jul 09, 2010 3:37 pm

Pet bursting (debuff and buff training tips)
Warning 1: Lots of text (2,328 words, 4 3/4 pages of single spaced font size 10 as of the last update), I reccomend you to bookmark/favorite this if you don't have the time to read the whole guide at once.

Warning 2: This is a PET ONLY burst guide, not a human/char burst guide, don't ask ?'s that don't involve pets here. For char bursting look here

Have you ever thought to yourself when seeing someones pet that isnt a normal everyday pet like fred, niss, elin and clive being so high leveled and went "OMG!!!!! HOW'S THIS LITTLE PET SO HIGH LEVELED!?!?" ?

The thing is, these pets are special pets that can be bursted. Few pets fall into this class of pets. The only ones out in this igg wlo version that CAN be sucessfully burst trained from what I have found are the Deadly flower (not a human pet but does fall into this special "breed" of pets), Eva, Magellan, Qyala, Sam (sals), Shasha, IM pet sano, monkey, shizune, Victoria (ya(n)lin), and last but not least Xaolan.

There are probably other creature pets that have debuff skills that can be caught and leveled, but I haven't spent to much time wandering around for a pet with a debuff/buff skill. Some of the pets turn out to be major help in sealing on quests (aka the debuff human pets) and some other can actually have some nice natural power and con (aka the buff burst pets). And some can be amazing saddleable/ride pets (like the deadly flower). I myself have two debuff pets the qyala and the shasha who do wonders keeping the targets trapped for a round or more. And I also have one buff pet thats is the victoria and vic is just amazing, I love her to death with her build, almost full con and str naturally. Ok enough talking dirty about my pets, moving on.


[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

These pets are fairly easy to train since all they need to do is a skill on the monster, just like a regular character bursting. Debuff pets will most often naturally have little to no con what so ever, high int (moderate str for Shasha), high wis and some can even go as a high agi build. I myself love the high int and high agi build debuffers becuase higher int means better seal rate, better seals means one or more less target to worry about next turn and agi means chances of going first before monsters, and or other players/pets. Hate that most if not all are low natural con. Anyways, heres the remote set ups for both the debuff pet killing (droping to kill speed) and not killing done in a normal four turn burst session.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Killing speed:
Turn 1: def, or toss a pot to party member
Turn 2: def, or toss a pot to party member
Turn 3: skill
Turn 4: attack
Turn 5: attack
(for more monsters add another kill for every extra monster above two)

Not killer speed:
Turn 1: def, or toss a pot to party member
Turn 2: def, or toss a pot to party member
Turn 3: def, or toss a pot to party member
Turn 4: skill
Turn 5: skill
(for more monsters add another skill for every extra monster above two)

Tips, tricks and hints for debuff pets:

* If you are training in the classic 4 turn burst cycle and have a shasha and a water, eva/deadly flower and a full debuff fire, or wind with a qyala on the same team, the debuff pet must be faster then the same element of its elemntal class or the elemental char will cast the skill before the debuff pet and cancel out the debuffer pets skill and make the debuffer pet kill every few fights.

* Not all debuff/ buff pets need a debuffing character element on the team. Only pet that needs a debuff char element is the deadly mayan flower since it's skill is poision. That is IF you dont have acess to level 180+/rb fires and characters.

* Debuff pets exp gained is based off of how much the party damage is, normally 2/5 th's or 1/2 (mattering how many mobs you fight) the exp of what the water char will get, near if not same exp as a double debuff fire would get.

* The debuff pet owner WILL lose a lot of potential exp since his/her pet isn't involved in the combo killing. Unless he/she can get the debuff pet down to killing speed, the characters exp will be very low.

* Requires a lot of extra sp since you will more then likely not be able to get your pet to killing speed since most of the debuff pets I have seen grow way above 240+ speed natural by the time they are in the low 70's.

* Pet +sp scrolls from the item mall come in handy when training these pets.

* Deadly mayan flower can ONLY be bursted when a water OR wit js user in team, since its skill is poision and the only skill that blocks poision is shrink and cuss (wits js). Flowers if built right are amazing ride pets, well worth the time invested if you are capeable of getting any of the IM or the def saddles. I have a str and a matk flower, both almost full point washed into the class the flower I made it go as, and they both give my fires 340-380 str/matk. The flower is an exception to the low con of debuff pets, most of my three flowers I trained (one of each element that can be trained to test which had higher matk) had high (50+) con at 70. Earth, water and fire flower are the ONLY of the flower that can burst train, the wind does not have the skill to burst.

* Shasha that I know build naturaly as a hybrid str AND int, but they focus more on int then str. My shasha has 39 str and 99 natural int at level 180. Even though shasha is a hybrid, I rarely see her freeze miss when I use her.

* Qyala is an amazing speed pet, my qyala has just 39 agi, and not top notch gears, but she can top 1.2k speed in speed ring. Good for pvp. She is an amazing sealer even if she doesn't have high matk gears, she can still seal fairly decent.

* Eva is nice to have in most quests up untill the major v3 quests like (rebirth, js, ds) where you don't have to worry about mobs pokeing for 2k+ without a hotfire. Her skill is mess, and like almost anyone that has seen mess knows mess almost never misses no matter what the int/matk. So if you want to have an almost 100% gaurantee that a seal will hit, get eva.

* IM sano and shizune I am not rich in game to get a sano so no experience here. Shizune I just don't have the time to burst her.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Now onto the pets that some don't properly know how to burst, the buffers. I personally love these pets, nice natural high atk/matk (class based) and nice high natural growth hp. Two problems here with the builds of these pets are they are mainly slow and have low wis. With these pets I would rather them be slower so my fires can toss hotfire to them if I want to see some massive pet damage. Another problem is some people don't know how to burst them properly, so they don't even take the time to train them since they can't figure it out. Well, I will give some tips and my normal buff pet remote set. This is just a basic remote set up but, I found this one works the best. The buff factor can be forced by doing 2 different set ups both require the "your party(hp/sp) < " slots. Both will be showed in the pic below.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
NOTE: Do not follow my hp and sp slots on the remote, play around with them and figure the max hp and sp of the killing pets of your choice are. I burst my buffer pets on the jellyfish using a torrid jelly as my killing pets and it's sp at level 13 (the normal time I re-pet) is around 210- 220 and the hp is somewhere around 230- 248.

(see reply number 3)

Tips, tricks and hints for buffing pets:

* ALL buff pets must be faster then the killer pets, unless you can drop them to killing speed.

* If you want to use a buffer pet and have them become a killer, it's impossible without the not being on e remote. (see post #5 edit) (thanks for the question roman)

* Beginning levels of brand new killing pets is best advisable to manual train your buff pet without the e remote. (see reply #3 for the reason) (thanks again roman)

* Leader of the party MUST stand/ autowalk (if in a place where auto walk is normal). Since the factors of the pet buffing the killing pets rely only on the hp and or sp of the killing pets. Sitting down will regen the hp and sp of the pets. This is the MOST COMMON mistake of bursting these pets.

* Set the remote out of battle hp and sp regen of the pet as low as possible (prefreably hp and sp < 1). Since you don't want your buff pet to have nothing to buff until the killing pets get damage. This is yet another common mistake of bursting buff pets, the killer pets have full hp and sp making the buff pet not work until the killer pets get damaged.

* Other party members should have some cheap low regen hp foods (fishes, talapia, bread, rice, meats) just for the killing pets to eat, since buffing the killer pets require them to take damage, food will be needed unless you have a water revive the dead killer pet.

* Most common areas that deal damage but don't overkill the killing pets are chickens, jellyfish, beetles and frogs. (the basic low level burst zones) Not recomended to bring a burst buff pet to the higher burst areas unless you have a water in team to revive spam the pets.

* Requires a lot of sp since these pets WILL be buff spamming 4-5 different killing pets per fight (matters on the number of oposing mobs you get in battle with). Most common place where buffers will buff five times is the beetles area since beetles come in sets of 3 sometimes.

* Pet + sp scrolls from the IM work well when training these pets.

* All of these pets aside from Xaolan build low agi and low wis, but high str/int, and high con.

* Buffing off of the sp factor and having the killing pets use a skill instead of just the plain old "poke" skill will eat through team mates sp fast. Sp factor buffing isn't advised unless your team is willing to spam a lot of sp foods to their pets.

* Victoria I'd say is the best of the burst pets in damage since she is a fire. My level 180 vic does near 26k with a hotfire critical no def lowering skill on the target in her own eq. She has 15xx atk with brooch but without high diamonds. 19xx natural hp.

* Sam and magellan . I don't have experience with sals and magellan bursting since I don't have 2 other alts. But I do know of a few high lvl sams around and they are very nice in the con and str area. And magellan is a pet I haven't seen many people with a high level one so don't know how he turns out.

* Xaolan is the exception to the low agi high con natural built buff pets, most high xaos I have seen build high agi and low to moderate con. Xaolan if her speed is high enough could actually be a good help in certain melle only quests and events like cursed palaces since her skill is stonewall. Her wis might be a bit weak to constantly sw spam though.

When I typed "natural built", I mean no pet lethe scrolls put into the pets.
Killing pets = horses, cows, tigers, pandas,etc... whatever the pet you burst with is you "killing pet".

That is all, thanks for reading.

Thanks to Mune, Justin-561, Derekxec, Burzel, Romanesque, JohnLaG, LittleMia, Yobirin, lrenne,and Gui. For the tips and hints that you all have said or reminded me about by either in guild chat, mailed to me on the forums, asked me to make a guide like this, or just posted the tips on the forums. Thanks all of you .

links and other misc pics:
pets guide
ya lin and sals guide

where to catch the deadly flower
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