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Magellan Guide

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Magellan Guide

Post by Avalina on Sun Feb 28, 2010 2:32 pm

Magellan is an earth type pet.
Magellan is very weak xD in fact i think its the weakest npc pet in the game lolxD So I advice all who want Frederico , to get Magellan (to get the star) before they kill Clive in Revival Island

1=>A man in bar
Reward =>kings certification
Follow this map and complete the quest in second floor of this Bar

2=>A Pirate who turns over a new leaf

this is the Clive quest, which must be completed to get magellan
Reward =>Clive joins team

Step 1> First u must go to Magellan's fleet(shown on map below) with King's Certificate and Clive in your team

Step 2> Talk to 3 people there, fight with them, after u beat them, they tell u that Magellan is in Blackwind Cave(Clive quest pirate cave)

Step 4>
Back to Blackwind cave and talk to this pirate guarding the door.then go in and follow map to pirate ship


Once you are in pirate ship, go to lower deck and talk to Magellan in the room(Magellan will not talk until u set Clive in your team as battle). Beat the 8 pirates there(Fight1), and then move to upper deck. Dismiss one member from your team( you need a team of 3 people in this fight(like Kanako quest) Magellan joins your team as 4th member), then talk to Magellan,then 12 more pirates come and fight, after u beat them, talk to Magellan and he joins your team

You can use the same kinda strategies in Kanako quest here (see Hugo's replay there if u need to know order to attack)

Fight1 = (lower deck) 8 pirates lvl 80 HP = about 724

Fight2 = 12 pirates lvl 80 HP = 724, start with 8 pirates then as each pirate dies 4 more comes as reinforcement

Reward=> 1 Star,1 10% capsule, Magellan joins your team

if u have any difficulty or problems with doing this quest (like npc people not talking to you) MAKE SURE, you have Clive in team and have king's certification, this is a common error in this quest.


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