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Magellan Guide

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Magellan Guide Empty Magellan Guide

Post by Avalina on Sun Feb 28, 2010 2:32 pm

Magellan Guide Magallenandclive

Magellan is an earth type pet.
Magellan is very weak xD in fact i think its the weakest npc pet in the game lolxD So I advice all who want Frederico , to get Magellan (to get the star) before they kill Clive in Revival Island

Magellan Guide Magallen_skills

1=>A man in bar
Reward =>kings certification
Follow this map and complete the quest in second floor of this Bar

Magellan Guide A_man_in_bar

2=>A Pirate who turns over a new leaf

this is the Clive quest, which must be completed to get magellan
Reward =>Clive joins team

Step 1> First u must go to Magellan's fleet(shown on map below) with King's Certificate and Clive in your team

Magellan Guide Southh13

Step 2> Talk to 3 people there, fight with them, after u beat them, they tell u that Magellan is in Blackwind Cave(Clive quest pirate cave)

Magellan Guide Magellan_fleet_fight

Step 4>
Back to Blackwind cave and talk to this pirate guarding the door.then go in and follow map to pirate ship

Magellan Guide Magellan_cave_gaurd
Magellan Guide Magellan_pirateship


Once you are in pirate ship, go to lower deck and talk to Magellan in the room(Magellan will not talk until u set Clive in your team as battle). Beat the 8 pirates there(Fight1), and then move to upper deck. Dismiss one member from your team( you need a team of 3 people in this fight(like Kanako quest) Magellan joins your team as 4th member), then talk to Magellan,then 12 more pirates come and fight, after u beat them, talk to Magellan and he joins your team

You can use the same kinda strategies in Kanako quest here (see Hugo's replay there if u need to know order to attack)

Fight1 = (lower deck) 8 pirates lvl 80 HP = about 724

Magellan Guide Magellan_lowerdeck

Fight2 = 12 pirates lvl 80 HP = 724, start with 8 pirates then as each pirate dies 4 more comes as reinforcement
Magellan Guide Magellan_pirateship_fight2

Reward=> 1 Star,1 10% capsule, Magellan joins your team

if u have any difficulty or problems with doing this quest (like npc people not talking to you) MAKE SURE, you have Clive in team and have king's certification, this is a common error in this quest.


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